The Litterbugs heard that chocolate grows on trees and they are loose in the Congo! In their wild quest for cacao beans, the zany insects have frightened the eastern lowland gorillas and now the entire troop has disappeared into a cloud forest on Mount Kahuzi.

Earlier in the day, a three-year-old gorilla named Mocha wandered off in search of tasty bamboo shoots. Now his mother and the other gorillas have vanished! His cries fall on deaf ears, or so he thinks. Sensing trouble, Buzabi, the bush baby, warns her hearing impaired friend Muluzi that trouble is on its way. Look out! Endangered species in peril. A confused Mocha crashes through the research tent where Muluzi helps Dr. Anne Foster teach gorillas to use sign language.

Muluzi must use her special talents to help the Beans find the missing gorillas and safely return Mocha to his mother. Everyone must work together to stop the Litterbugs from tearing down the cacao trees and stealing all of the pods. Get ready for a trip to the African jungle, Beans. And, don't forget your binoculars!

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