"Animals, especially the animals of a particular region or period, considered as a group."
-The Free Dictionary

Asian Carp - a term for several species of large fish that are native to East Asia and have become an invasive species in the United States.

Bush Baby - a small long-tailed African lemur (primate) with large eyes and ears and a bushy tail.

Crustacean - a hard-shelled arthropod (an animal that has its skeleton on the outside), with a segmented body and jointed limbs; including lobsters, crabs, shrimp and barnacles.

Damselfish - a small, brightly colored tropical fish with a tall, narrow body.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla - largest species of ape found in the forests of Central West Africa. According to the WWF, scientists estimate that the population of eastern lowland gorillas has declined by 50% since the 1990's when their population numbered 17,000. These gorillas live in the tropical forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Over the past several decades, their habitat has decreased due to people farming and other purposes. Today, the eastern lowland gorilla now only lives in 13% of its original range. The current population is unknown because of conflict in the area surrounding their habitat.

Giant Panda - a member of the bear family that is black and white, eats bamboo and is located in the Yangtze Province of Central China. Newborn pandas are very small (about 5" long), but they can grow to weigh over 300 pounds. They must eat a lot of bamboo to help them grow big and strong. Unfortunately, the bamboo forests are shrinking due to habitat destruction. The giant panda is an extremely endangered species with only 1,600 in the wild as of 2004, according to the WWF.

Hammerhead Shark - a medium-sized shark with eyes at the end of a hammer-shaped head.

Mollusk - a marine invertebrate (animal with no backbone) having a soft unsegmented body and a protective shell, such as shellfish and snails.

Orca Whale - a large black and white mammal that is the largest member of the dolphin family. Orcas are found in all of the oceans on Earth, from the cold water at the North and South Poles to warm tropical waters. They are fast swimmers and good hunters, feeding on seals, sea lions, and even other whales.

Plankton - small microscopic organisms that float in both fresh and salt water and are food for fish and other animals.

Sponge- a marine invertebrate (animal with no backbone) that forms underwater colonies and has a flexible and absorbent skeleton.

Worm - an invertebrate (animal with no backbone) having a long, flexible and rounded body without any arms or legs.

Yonaguni Horse - a small breed of horse that stands 11 hands high (44 in, 112 cm) and is found only on Yonaguni Island in the Japanese archipelago. It is one of eight horse breeds native to Japan.

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