Green Bean kids around the world, prepare for fun and adventure. *Activating online programming.* I'm Bloorb and here's what's happening...

  • Damsel in Distress

    The Litterbugs have invaded a tiny island off the coast of Japan. The crazy critters have crashed the Island Pineapple Festival in search of sweets. Be advised that the bugs are disguised as tourists and are considered extremely mischievous. They have toppled a giant taffy-making machine and now globs of sticky goo are pouring into the sea.

    Environmental Code Red. The taffy spill is threatening to destroy the delicate coral reefs that surround the island. Emergency assistance required. A young island girl has jumped into the water to warn the damselfish that tend their algae gardens in the water nearby. Repeat. Code Red. Her foot is stuck in the taffy and the hammerhead sharks are circling!

    To the tubes! This is Bloorb standing by for further instructions.

    Remember to check your Field Facts before you go!

  • Chocorilla

    The Litterbugs heard that chocolate grows on trees and they are loose in the Congo! In their wild quest for cacao beans, the zany insects have frightened the eastern lowland gorillas and now the entire troop has disappeared into a cloud forest on Mount Kahuzi.

    Earlier in the day, a three-year-old gorilla named Mocha wandered off in search of tasty bamboo shoots. Now his mother and the other gorillas have vanished! His cries fall on deaf ears, or so he thinks. Sensing trouble, Buzabi, the bush baby, warns her hearing impaired friend Muluzi that trouble is on its way. Look out! Endangered species in peril. A confused Mocha crashes through the research tent where Muluzi helps Dr. Anne Foster teach gorillas to use sign language.

    Muluzi must use her special talents to help the Beans find the missing gorillas and safely return Mocha to his mother. Everyone must work together to stop the Litterbugs from tearing down the cacao trees and stealing all of the pods. Get ready for a trip to the African jungle, Beans. And, don't forget your binoculars!

  • Arctic Antics

    There's anarchy in the arctic! The Litterbugs are throwing a party and they're skating on thin ice. Fueled by sugary sweets and fizzy soda pop, the party is heating up and the ice is melting fast.

    Missing child alert! Lured by the sound of Litterbug laughter, Luna, a young Eskimo boy has wandered onto the ice and his sister Kaya is frantic. A pod of local black and white Orcas are on the scene and emergency response is in process. Ophelia and her whale family have joined the search. Warning! The Litterbugs are making waves and the ice is breaking into pieces. Green Beans, we need to find Luna before it's too late!

  • Bamboozled

    The Litterbugs have landed in China and are revved up on sugar…sugar cane that is. The little imps have lifted the luscious loot right off the shelves of a sugar cane factory. Now, they've stolen three sweet company cars and are driving around in circles, spewing sugary smoke as they go.

    Environmental Warning! The Litterbugs have entered the bamboo forest and are knocking down trees in every direction. Habitat destruction is threatening local wildlife and Lucky the Panda is down with a hurt toe! A local boy named Deshi is trying to help, but he needs backup.

    Fasten your seat belts Beans! The Litterbugs are heading for the Great Wall to make their getaway. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

  • The Great Lakes Bully Fish

    Alert! Alert! Someone has opened the river gate and the bully fish are loose in the Great Lakes. A local boy named Jake was peacefully feeding marshmallows to his friend Wally, the walleye fish, when a huge school of silver carp invaded the pier and started causing trouble. Warning! The intruders have big mouths and even bigger muscles. Now, they are grabbing the bait off fishing hooks and knocking people into the water. They are jumping up and stealing ice cream cones from startled children and causing them to cry. Who are those strange looking creatures riding on the backs of the bully fish? Why it's the Litterbug gang, of course!

    Green Beans, prepare for launch. You must find a way to lure the bully fish out of the lake before this freshwater ecosystem is destroyed forever.

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