The Green Beans

The Green Beans are a diverse group of animal characters that combine unique skills, knowledge and interests to those in need. The Green Beans are always looking out for their fellow animal friends and the habitats they call home.

Bella Brontosaurus Bean

Bella is the youngest of the Beans, but she is very strong and brave. In fact, she doesn’t realize just how big she is and can be a bit clumsy at times. Then again, most young dinosaurs are. Bella always sees the best in everyone, even the Litterbugs, and she tries to help them change their ways.

Bella Fact: Bella lives at the beach on Green Bean Island. She’s is an excellent swimmer and is on a first-name basis with all the creatures of the sea

Ruby Monkey Bean

Ruby is playful, full of energy and always has a positive attitude when she’s helping solve a problem. She and her brother Gibbon live in a bamboo house on Green Bean Island. The other Beans rely on the speed and agility of the Monkey Bean siblings in the case of an emergency. Ruby loves a good adventure and is very courageous, even when the others have given up hope.

Ruby Fact: Ruby loves to tend her garden and eat healthy. Everyone thinks she has a “green thumb", but it's really her special get green and grow formula that makes all the difference.

Gibbon Monkey Bean

Gibbon is Ruby’s little brother and they live together in the middle of a banana grove on Green Bean Island. Gibbon has big ideas and always wants to be included in the Beans’ adventures. He’s full of energy, but sometimes his "monkey business" gets him into a little trouble.

Gibbon Fact: He loves to play soccer and can kick a ball better than anyone on Green Bean Island.

Crawford Crab Bean

Crawford is Bella’s best friend. They met one day while Bella was collecting seashells on the beach. She accidentally scooped him up in her bucket and took him home with her. Now, Crawford lives in a sandcastle, which he keeps very neat and tidy. Crawford is known on Green Bean Island as “Mr. Fix-It.” However, sometimes his large claws and even larger bravado get in the way.

Crawford Fact: Crawford is incredibly strong. In fact, he is able to pick up large items with a single claw.

Bentley Bear Bean

Bentley is a brainy bear and tends to think outside the “bean.” Bentley lives in a log house where he likes to tinker in his workshop and create all sorts of inventions. Even though he is very logical and smart, Bentley is also a good listener and never makes anyone feel silly for his or her ideas.

Bentley Fact: Bentley is an expert at creating scientific formulas and solving simple mathematical problems.

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