Welcome to the Green Beans

Hi Kids! We're the Green Bean Team - Ruby Monkey Bean, Crawford Crab Bean, Bella Brontosaurus Bean, Bentley Bear Bean, and Gibbon Monkey Bean. We live on Green Bean Island where we all work together to keep our beautiful home clean and green.

With the help of our super satellite Bloorb, we travel the globe helping kids like you protect the environment and solve problems caused by the naughty Litterbugs, who are greedy for sweets and want to have fun no matter what the cost. We are always looking out for children and animals around the world.

Everybody on the Green Bean Team is different, but we use our unique skills, knowledge and interests to help others. You can make a difference too. Are you smart like Bentley or strong like Bella? Maybe you are fast on your feet like Ruby and Gibbon or can fix things like Crawford Crab. Whatever special talents you have can help us to make the world a better place.

Get ready for fun and adventure. Together we will travel from the colorful coral reefs of a Japanese island to a sparkling cave in Mexico, from the frozen arctic tundra to the steamy Amazon rainforest, and many different places in between!

C'mon. Let's get started…

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